Four Queens.

Four Styles.

One amazing outcome.

Carol Potenza taught biochemistry at New Mexico State University before transitioning to a full-
time mystery writer. Her first book was the Tony Hillerman Prize winner, Hearts of the Missing,
followed by The Third Warrior and Spirit Daughters, the second and third book in the Nicky
Matthews mystery. She’s writes two other mystery series: the De-extinct Zoo Mysteries, and the
Lies series.
Carol loves the combination of strong women sleuths, paranormal and murder mystery, mixed
with science or, as she likes to call it—BiocheMystery. She sets all her books in the beautiful
state of New Mexico, where she lives with her husband, Leos, and her extremely grumpy
chihuahua, Hermès. You can visit her at www.carolpotenza.com

Award-winning author, Jordyn Kross, is an unapologetically naughty novelist who spent years honing her writing skills with tech manuals and marginal poetry before finding her passion for writing sexy, boundary-stretching happily-ever-afters.
When she’s not writing, she’s attempting to garden in the desert Southwest, hiking with her insane pound posse, and admiring that handsome man wandering around her house who continues to stay.
Jordyn enjoys saucy double entendres, pretending to be an extrovert, and is well-known for having no filter.
Her first carnal mystery (there’s nothing cozy about it), Dirty Daisy, is available wherever ebooks are sold, and some shady back alleys. Find out more at jordynkross.com.

Ryley Banks writes award-winning and bestselling sexy romance, mostly of the LGBTQ+ variety.
She’s a connoisseur of tea and gin and loves language, especially creative profanity. When she’s
not begging her characters to behave or reading fanfic, you can find Ryley crafting the next
story to make you smile and set you on fire. Stop by and say hi at: https://ryleybanks.com/

Erin Krueger is a lover of all things historic, from her framed 1810 Ackerman’s repository
fashion plate hung in her office to the 1940s magazines she has spread out in a radius from her
desk chair. She’s the author of seven stories spanning from the Regency period through to the
present day, time-travel included, and has been an avid reader of mystery novels ever since she
picked up her very first Nancy Drew as a child. Hooked by carefully woven plots and sneaky
sleuths, there’s always an element of intrigue or espionage in her works. As far as she knows,
she’s not related to the fiendish 80’s villain with the same last name, but the DNA has yet to be
processed. To find out more about her, pop over to erinkruegerwrites.com.